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Request a Free Audit of Your Amazon Account

Fill in the form below to get a FREE comprehensive audit that includes a gap assessment and recommendation to increase your Amazon revenue.

We respect your privacy.

Amazon provides the platform to sky-rocket your product sales even as an independent brand. But we know it can be challenging and overwhelming to do it on your own.

From strategy to in-depth keyword research, product listing optimization, competitive research, Amazon SEO, paid ads to drive traffic, price testing and reports that allow you to make the right decisions, we do it all for you.

We handle your advertising and organic SEO to drive higher ROI. Our process and software-driven approach to Amazon channel management ensures the brightest marketers, data analysts, and software developers are focused on building your brand’s Amazon success.

Our Services
  • Amazon Channel Management

    We build a custom growth plan for each brand we work with. We catalog our client’s development and drive growth through positioning, bundling deals, and creating Amazon exclusive SKUs. We assist in getting our client into exclusive programs, selling on international marketplaces, and launching new products.

  • Branding Services

    We’ll assist you in Brand Submission Application to Amazon. We build incredible A+/EBC Content & Amazon Storefront experiences. We analyze content quality the way that Amazon does, and constantly monitor your listings for unauthorized modifications.

  • Buy Box Ownership

    Winning the Buy Box has never been more important for Amazon sellers. Currently, 82 percent of sales on Amazon are made through the Buy Box. Amazon on mobile presents the buyer with only one option to buy – leaving sellers with no other choice but to win the Buy Box if they are to make any sales. Work with us and increase your seller metrics, make informed decisions on pricing and performance, track all BuyBox winners, 3P Sellers & BuyBox prices for your inventory on Amazon globally.

  • Listing Optimisation

    When 44% of product searches begin on Amazon and 90% of Amazon customers claim to never go to the second page – it is critical a product properly ranks within Amazon organic search algorithm. Through our keyword research process, we will generate a list of keywords that we feel are most relevant and important for your product and will build an SEO strategy for each individual SKU/ASIN.

  • Keywords Research

    Keyword research is an important process in your Amazon product launch and run. Investing the time to properly assess the most important keywords in your niche can maximize your revenue potential and position your product for the most searched for, and valuable, search queries. We are doing ongoing search query mining to identify opportunities to increase your campaign reach and profitability and as well products listings optimization.

  • Amazon A/B Testing

    Continuous A/B testing helps you improve conversion rates and sell more. Testing titles, images, descriptions, features, backend search terms, and price points is how we reveal the best performing variant for our clients.

  • Amazon Ad Campaigns

    Having your sales goals in mind, our team of experts manages your paid ads (Sponsored Product Ads, Brand Search Ads, or Amazon Display Ads) to drive more sales while reducing the Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS).

  • Analysis & Reporting

    Analyzing and understanding the data is crucial for your success. We monitor the inventory level report, sales volume, profit & revenue, repricing and competitors insights, best-selling items, the buy box percentage, new market opportunities, month over month comparison, and more.


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Through our 17 years of experience for thousands of customers and agencies we’ve developed a processes and software that allows you to get ahead of your competition in an ever more complicated world.

The digital marketing industry is loaded with agencies boasting quick results at less than stellar ROI. We're proud to have been part of SEO, e-commerce, and lead generation success for hundreds of companies.We leverage that success to provide repeatable playbooks and scalable solutions for your unique needs. Our references speak for themselves, in fact, current and past client referrals account for 100% of our business.

Success Stories

Indri has dramatically improved our digital marketing leading to more sales at lower costs for Modkat.

More importantly, we see them as a partner as they are always thinking of new ways to grow our business profitably.

Brett Tepper
Co-founder at Modkat

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